3 Cool Things: Africa (yes, the continent)


Not that Africa is new or anything….

There’s just been some exceptionally cool stuff coming out of there lately.

Here are a 3 things from Africa that have really gotten me excited lately:

1. Lorine Chia: The 19 year old songstress from Cameroon. She’s going to be huge. Go download her album for free on her website.

 2. Street Etiquette goes to Luanda, Angola.

If you don’t know Street Etiquette, they’re two menswear bloggers that go beyond material possessions to really explore personal style. They’re awesome.

Anyhow, they went to Luanda in search on energy and culture. They find it.

It’s just a short clip, but nowI want to go.

 You should too.

 3. The Sartorialist goes to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Sartorialist’s first venture to Africa fails to disappoint. He captured incredible portraits that truly embody the urban and creative capital of South Africa.

See them all here.